Peace Pipe Country Club

Lee Road, Denville. New Jersey (973) 625-4593

Although not the longest course, Peace Pipe is challenging for low and high handicappers. Water, woods, and/or out-of-bounds comes into play on 7 of the 9 holes. With 4 sets of tees, all levels of play can find this course a challenge and yet be able to enjoy yourself as well. Please come out with your family, friends or just by yourself.

Hole By Hole Course Description

~ Hole 1 ~

Par 4, Blue 286 White 271 Gold 260 Red 252

This hole plays longer than the yardage with a gentle rise from tee to green. With out-of-bounds and the greens keeper's house along the right side of the fairway, a straight drive is a must as with most of Peace Pipe's holes. The ideal shot is a 150 yard drive, leaving you with a short iron onto the green. Be careful on your approach as out of bounds is just a few yards over the green.

~ Hole 2 ~

Par 4, Blue 270 White 255 Gold 240 Red 225

Drive down the valley avoiding the trees on the left. If you are too far right the green is guarded by a deep bunker and an overhanging tree. Most take the driver here, but would be better suited with a club that goes about 175 yards and straight leaving a tight second shot onto the green. If you fly the green you may end up on the practice green.

~ Hole 3 ~

Par 4, Blue 398 White 372 Gold 365 Red 340

A difficult tee shot over a small lake with water running up the left side to a dogleg left hole. The tee shot must be center or center right. Anything left (unless you are very long) blocks your approach shot with trees. Very common to run through the right side of the fairway but may have an open shot to a difficult two tier green, which is protected by grass mounds flanking the green. A Par here is a good score.

~ Hole 4 ~

Par 5, Blue 445 White 405 Gold 385 Red 345

Eagles and double bogies abound on this strategy laden par 5. With water up the left and trees up the right a straight tee shot is a must to keep a birdie possible. Just because you land dead center in the fairway this hole still has some teeth in it. The green is guarded by water front, left, and behind, with the only bailout area right, leaving a nasty flop shot into a tiny and yet severely sloped green. Many tournaments are won or lost on this hole.

~ Hole 5 ~

Par 3, Blue 201 White 184 Gold 175 Red 167

A long, narrow, figure 8 shaped green with water running up the left side make par a good score. Be on the correct side of the green for a reasonable two putt. Bailout to the right leaves you behind trees for a bump and run to a very narrow green.

~ Hole 6 ~

Par 4, Blue 285 White 270 Gold 245 Red 175

Quite possibly the easiest hole on the golf course with no water, out of bounds, or real tree hazards. Green is a little tricky with a swale in the front left. Anything near the right edge will roll off. A large trap on the left guards the green as you approach the hole.

~ Hole 7 ~

Par 4, Blue 263 White 248 Gold 180 Red 175

Put your driver away from the blue and white tees, as that brings all the trouble into play, water, woods, and a steep hill that will leave you with a blind shot. Playing from the back tees it is between a 140 and 180 yard lay up leaving a wedge to the green. Long hitters from the gold or red tees can go for the green but that bring lots of trouble into play. The second shot is up hill to a deceptive green. Everything breaks down the mountain regardless of your read.

~ Hole 8 ~

Par 3, Blue 183 White 135 Gold 115 Red 110

Beautiful yet difficult par 3. Pin placement is key to club selection due to the expansive green. A huge undulation in center left portion of the green requires a good lag putt when the pin is placed on the knoll. Par is a solid score here.

~ Hole 9 ~

Par 4, Blue 323 White 313 Gold 275 Red 270

Don't be tempted to drive up the neck on this challenging closing hole. The alley leading up to the green slopes toward the lake that surrounds three sides of the green. Conservative play off the tee leaves a short iron shot onto the green. If the pin is in the front make sure you leave yourself below the hole or a 3 putt becomes a reality. Depending on pin position a birdie or bogey can end your front nine.